Missing My Soldier Girl

Tonight I met Boyracer for a run. It was supposed to be a nice easy run, but asking Boyracer to run slowly would be like asking Sonic to blog his West Highland Way Race report… it’s not going to happen!

20:39 5.41 miles 38:58

1 7:26 2 7:11 3 7:05 4 7:13 5 7:10 .41 2:53 (7:04 pace)  Average 7:12 min/miles

As it was we didn’t do too bad. We even managed not to push for a sub 6:00 minute final mile like normal. Boyracer has been away for a two week holiday, and despite running on the beach a few times, tonight he was struggling. For the first time ever, he admitted to being exhausted during the final mile! I think he has been replaced by an impostor… “who are you and what have you done with Boyracer?”

After the run, we both popped off to see the Booksellers. Baby Bookseller was asleep, but it was nice to catch up with the grown-ups! Mrs Bookseller even provided the pathetically tired runners with freshly made banana loaf – excellent! Thank you.  

The self acclaimed West Highland Way DJ (Subversive Runner – Dave Waterman) has posted a musical request for me. I asked for a song by one of my favourite bands, The Polyphonic Spree. Mr Subversive picked the track ‘Soldier Girl’. This song holds a special place in my heart. It was during a random trip to London to see the band that me and Mrs pacepusher decided to get married. This song was an early favourite of us both, and right now, the lyric “she’s so far away” couldn’t be more appropriate. Thanks Dave. To watch the video, click here.

About that visit to London… the gig was random. Firstly, we had a surprise support set from Scottish band Mull Historical Society (another band we both like). They were playing in London over the next couple of nights and fancied a warm up gig. Waiting for The Spree to take the stage, a wee guy walked on in a white robe (the old Spree uniform). This wee guy turned out to be Frank Skinner who did a stand-up routine. The band were as always, awesome, and as we had no accommodation, we found a random club to waste away the night, followed by a greasy cafe for breakfast. We were then the only ones requesting alcohol on an early morning flight to Glasgow that was full of business men (…and probably women!). The trip cost a fortune and was worth every penny! Don’t worry, although we agreed to get married over fried egg butties, I did do the romantic thing a few months down the line once I had the ring… you can ask Mrs pacepusher about what I did.

How long’s she been away? Is she not due home yet? …what? …two weeks on Thursday? …better start tidying the house then!


3 Responses to “Missing My Soldier Girl”

  1. Wow!! I obviously didn’t realise the significance of Soldier Girl to you and Mrs Pacepusher. I’m very glad I posted it now, mate.
    Mull Historical Society….yep, another good band! You have fine musical taste, Sir!!!

  2. I didn’t have you down as a music man sir! Funny how people have more to their lives than running…

    Not big on Polyphonic Spree but wondering if you’re a Primal Scream man?

    And I noticed the cheeky link you’ve set for my blog!


  3. pacepusher Says:

    Yes John I love my music and my running… sometimes I even combine the two!!!!!!

    Not a huge Primal Scream fan, but yeh I like them. I have very varied taste!

    Dave, coming from the WHW DJ himself, that’s a fine compliment!!

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