As One Year Ends, Another Begins… 

…and with it come new challenges!

So, it’s almost the end of the year, which can only mean one thing. A review of my running throughout 2015. But, why would I want to do that? I know what I did last year. The big question is what can I look forward to in 2016?

Ok, so 2015 was pretty cool. The Rio de Janeiro Marathon and running the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu being the obvious highlights, but 2016 brings a whole new level of excitement!

I have a ‘Good For Age’ place for the London Marathon. Exciting yes, but I’ll be deferring my entry. The thing with the London Marathon is its timing. You see the problem is that whilst I was running around the streets of London, Mrs pacepusher would be staying at home. And by home, I mean potentially being in the Royal Alexandria Hospital giving birth to our son or daughter! Now as good as the London Marathon is, that is not an event I want to miss, so there’ll be no London trip for me in 2016!

I haven’t really planned anything after the ‘due’ date. I don’t know how I’ll feel. How much I’ll be able to, or indeed, want to train. I don’t know, although many have tried to warn me, how much my life is going to change. I don’t know if I’ll even give two hoots about running post 17th May 2016!

So, I needed to find a marathon to run before the mayhem begins. The obvious choice was Manchester. I’ve done it before, it’s a great race and, like in 2014 when I ran it, our good friend Katrina will be running it. I was on the verge of signing up. Making the most of the early bird discount. Thumb hovering over the one click, no going back now, entry button… and then it happened. 

There it was, like that guiding star, so bright in that first Christmas sky. A post on Facebook. A post by Sarah Teapot & Trainers Self. A post not intended to catch my attention, but to remind others that they may wish to sign up. To sign up for a 50km race in Perth. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Well, it’s Perth, Scotland, not Australia and it involves running laps of the North Inch Park on the banks of the river Tay. Laps that measure just 2.381km, which means you have to run 21 of them to complete the race!

This did not appeal to me at all. I have never even considered doing a 50k race before. Why would I? 

The 100k however, and it’s 42 laps of said park, now that I would do. That was my star. Sorry Manchester, but I have something else to follow as I run towards the birth of a child hopefully not born in a stable!

The Self-Transcendence 100km/50km Race incorporates the British & Scottish 100k & 50k championships as well as the annual Anglo Celtic Plate home countries event. There will be some serious runners there, including the brilliant Marco Consani (who last weekend ran 159 miles in 24 hours around a 400m track in Barcelona) in the Scottish team. 

It is however, also an open race, so on 27th March 2016 I will line up with (to date) 10 other people as stupid as me, as I begin what could turn out to be the biggest challenge of my life… well until the baby is born and I have to change my name to prampusher anyway!

In the words of Shakin’ Stevens, ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and here’s hoping you have as much to look forward to as me in 2016!


2 Responses to “As One Year Ends, Another Begins… ”

  1. Brilliant to see you do an ultra again Neal. Can’t wait to see how you get on. Speak to you after Christmas.

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